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What are some benefits of internships and student work experience?
In addition to potential wages earned, student work and internship experience is valuable for exploring fields of work which you may wish to enter after graduation. Experience develops new skills and strengthens existing skills. Work experience helps you establish professional contacts in a potential field of interest. You will be able to demonstrate work setting accomplishments in your resume.

When is a good time to start looking for an internship?

Most internships will state minimum qualifications to apply. Most high school internships require senior status with a minimum G.P.A. For college, the second semester of your freshman year is not too soon. Allow yourself at least one semester of academic study to adjust to the rigors of college life. Then, depending on your major, GPA, and course load requirements, you may be ready to intern. Remember that your academic work is always your first priority. It's probably best to begin your internship search the semester prior to your desired placement.
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Learn, Earn, Intern!

Career Alliance has been providing top-notch internship management services to our clients since 1985. We are a full-service employment firm specializing in helping organizations get the most out of their internship programs.

Identifying and selecting candidates, orientation workshops for interns and supervisors, mentor preparation, payroll outsourcing, management reporting and risk management are just a few of the services available to you.

From initial conception to project completion and awards ceremonies, Career Alliance is there. Take full advantage of Career Alliance Learn, Earn, Intern Program.

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Our Expertise

Reporting and Tracking
We provide weekly management reports as well as assist with managing budgetary constraints.
Risk Management
As the employer of record, we assume all payroll and employer liability issues.

High Quality Assignments

Career Alliance is a high-caliber firm with a reputation for securing world class assignments for our applicants. We consistantly exceed your expectations by constantly screening applications based on our customers's requirements.

Internships can be both paid and unpaid depending on the same employment factors. Salaries vary according to experience and skills required, year in school, type of position, type of employer, and location. It is not unusual to find positions of $10/hour and up (substantially higher for special skills and significant experience). Read more